A unique opportunity to see a historic, Scottish pilgrimage church renewed and brought back to life in our day.  

The Whitekirk Possibility

*Imagine a church which saw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock to it in the Middle Ages sitting empty and unused in the 21st Century.  
*Imagine a holy well sought after for its healing properties lost and buried in a field.
*Imagine over 700 years of history waiting for the next chapter to unfold.

Whitekirk in East Lothian, Scotland is this church full of history, beauty and potential.  Now imagine this church renewed, restored, brought back to life for a new and glorious chapter of its long history.  Imagine a centre of prayer, of modern pilgrimage, of worship and the arts.  Imagine a lost holy well found and re-dug; it's refreshing waters flowing again.  Imagine with us...

Whitekirk: New Life for an Ancient Church!

Watch this East Mountain UK produced video to find out more about the history of Whitekirk and what we hope our community's future with this church might be. 

Want to see Whitekirk come back to life?

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