East Mountain UK Ministries


East Mountain offers a unique development pathway by renewing the discipline of pilgrimage for the 21st Century.  Participants walk ancient and modern pilgrim pathways in Scotland and England encountering their own hearts and the heart of God along the way. 

These pilgrimages have been described as a "kinesthetic, whole-person experience."  Pilgrims walk together, share their stories, learn practices of community and spiritual formation and meet historical, fellow pilgrims (e.g. St. Cuthbert, St. Aidan, St. Oswald, St. Hilda, etc).  These 3-6 day experiences are powerfully catalytic for ongoing reflection and development.

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Prayer Pilgrimage

East Mountain engages in several different kinds of pilgrimage.  The one showcased below is specifically devoted to prayer and to praying over the land of Scotland.  We believe that we are invited by God to be a part of His restoration work and that our prayers over this land are powerful and effective. 

New for 2023/2024!

East Mountain has partnered with Wild at Heart and Become Good Soil ministries to host twice-monthly "Signal Fires" in East Lothian and Midlothian. 

These fires are built around a simple concept: give men a chance to gather and to be authentically men! Around a roaring fire, men are engaged with thought-provoking questions and their hearts are opened in amazing ways! We have seen dozens of men (both Christians and non-Christians) experience the power of authentic masculinity as they stare into the glowing embers.  God is moving among men here in the UK and around the world.  We are so exicted to see what He will do with this ministry!

Rest and restoration beside quiet waters.  The comfort of the Good Shepherd...

The Shepherd's Hut and Prayer Garden at Wall End

Hundreds of men and women in Scotland and England have experienced the beauty and rest available in the East Mountain UK Shepherd's Hut.  We have been thrilled to see so many people experience the presence and peace of God in this space. 

East Mountain UK Outflow Ministries


We desire to work with emerging Christian leaders in the UK and around Europe to see them take up their places in God's Great Story and His plan for renewal and revival in these lands.


We desire to see men and women grow more deeply in their walk with Jesus Christ, to understand their own stories and to see how they are being called forward to play their parts in God's Great Story.


We believe that being fully present with our partners and friends in the context of community lends heart, infuses courage and inspires others to move ahead in all that God is calling them to do and be.