The Furrs in kilts are located in Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland. 
We are southeast (18 miles or so) of Edinburgh, the Scottish capitol

We live in Scotland and believe that Scotland has impacted and will impact the world for Christ!

What's so special about Scotland?

Scotland has an amazing history and the promise of a glorious future.  When we say this, we are looking with spiritual eyes at what God has done in Scotland and what we believe He will do again.  

Since the Dark ages, Scotland has seen the flowering of a vibrant and impactful Christianity.  Beginning with St. Ninian (Late 4th century) through the revivals on the Outer Hebrides Isles in the 1950's, God has moved powerfully in these lands.

Scholars have documented the fact that, since the Reformation period, no other nation on earth has seen more movements of God than Scotland.  From 1550 to 1950, there were only 2 decades where there was no significant revival somewhere in Scotland.  These movements of God have impacted the world!

It's been spiritually quiet in Scotland since 1950, but we (and many others) believe that something is stirring!  God is in the process of clearing out ancient spiritual wells and rebuilding ancient spiritual walls.  We believe and long for Scotland to take up its place again as a land of many revivals and impact the world!


Wall End, Saltoun Hall Gardens
EH345DS. Pencaitland, East Lothian


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